July 2007 Entries

OptiMASH Prime - Mr. Potato Head is a Transformer

Mr. Potato Head meets Transformers. Wow. There are no words for this. I have to get one. http://techdigest.tv/2007/0... http://www.hasbro.com/plays... ......

Stopping Ninjas. Easy. Stopping Hackers. Easier.

Microsoft's new tag line for Microsoft Forefront. The little skits that come with it are worth a look anyway! http://www.microsoft.com/fo... (The whiteboard defense) http://www.microsoft.com/fo... (The accordion) http://www.microsoft.com/fo... (The Trans-fat attack!) ......

VS2008 Beta2 Available


My End of Year Roadmap to Becoming a Better Person (and Developer)

Recently I was tagged by Russ on the Justice Gray challenge. Personal Something I have been attempting over the last few years is to be healthier. What does that mean? Well for my wife and I that means making healthier decisions when we eat. We find the good substitutes. Over the past two years we realize that is not enough. A healthy diet is a good step in the right direction, but you need that level of exercise to be the catalyst for a healthy lifestyle. -I think I want to run in something, probably ......

Old lady surfing the web at 40Gbs


 Now that is fast!


My name is Rob, and I am a programmer that has been out in the professional world for a few years. Up until recently, I have been maintaining a blog on my personal site at http://robz.webhop.org. I've been attempting to figure out if I am going to bring across my old material and publish it here or just make a clean break from everything. At this time I think I am going to keep the two separate, but I might move some of the old over if I feel it is still relevant. Well anyway, hello all, and hello ......