MVP Renewal and News

It appears that my work in the community and the nominations received from others has secured my status as an MVP for a second year.

Thank you all for the award and thank you everyone (including Microsoft) for valuing my contributions to the community.

I noticed last year I did quite a bit of travelling and talks. I’m going to need to work hard to keep that up this year. I’m also hoping to gear up for the v1 release of RoundhousE and DropkicK as well as something new I’ve been working on known as chocolatey (more on this in a future post – stay tuned). This year as well hope to get out to some of my favorite conferences (like Iowa Code Camp), start v2 of UppercuT (that Dru and I have been talking about almost as long as UC has been around), and get some of these other tools to work on Linux (UC already does).

I’m pretty excited about this year and recently changed jobs back in February for those who may not have heard. Now instead of working for a bank that has no money inside and the doors are always locked, I’ll be playing with Crop Insurance.

Do me a favor and nominate Dru Sellers for MVP (Visual C#). His contributions to where many people are as developers/individuals (including me) would not have been possible without his influence and mentorship. His investment in others is huge and that is a defining factor of the MVP program.